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Sorcha and The Sinners

by Sorcha Chisholm

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Aphrodesia 04:27
She's got me around her finger I know i should quit but I linger Hoping that maybe she'll come and save me From my obsession Starry eyed girl do you know what you do to me? I wake from your kisses but you're not there next to me Where do we start has it even begun? Or is it me, am I coming on too strong? Aphrodesia (chorus) Aphrodesia All I wanna do is please her But something won't let me get near her It's like a diamond edged fever Well you've got the ticket And I've got the train So why's love waiting at the station In the pouring rain? We've got this thing But no idea how to break it in Aphrodesia (chorus) Looking for Strange I find something else The smell of her hair let's drink to our health Maybe I'll see her turning a corner Will somebody tell her yeah somebody warn her I've got it bad I've got it bad I want her boyfriend's head On a silver plate Aphrodesia
Dirty Hair 04:07
Dirty Hair on my pillow Gotta wash it clean before tomorrow Dirty Hair that touched your shoulder Less than 24 hours and it was over Oh yeah In your car you drive it fast now Gotta suck it up cause it won't last now I got an itch I need to scratch Against my box light your match (chorus) Salt lingers on the air and on my tongue Morning had come and we'd just begun Breathing your breath was the hardest part Not walking away Dirty girl fix your mask now No one will know if they don't ask now You and me we've got this secret The blood has flowed so the moon won't leak it (chorus) Dirty Hair on my pillow Gotta wash it clean before tomorrow After all it was just a man who'd been there It's not as if I haven't sinned yeah Wash it away
Come on over for a piece of me I taste like honey that's a little spicy Is that your natural colour are you a doll Let me put my fingers deep into your skull Make me yours make me true purify me by the heat in you By the heat in you Mercury my tongue is tied loosen these chains to the world outside Let me listen to the music here It ripples undulates around my sphere When I remember his thorny thigh all those phantom muscles start to groan and sigh we made magic underneath the moon all the gods were watching and humming this tune Oooh Hanging from the Tree of Life like fruit that's tender firm and ripe All this blood rushing to my head Is cooking up dreams better left unsaid I'm wanting you to answer me From out there from in here On a desert island an orchid blooms With no one to inhale it or admire its hue Does it have a purpose in spite of itself It lives on as it must not as something Not as something else Freedom blows upon the wind Feel the kite pulling from my hand The day's descending and this song is ending And I must go now and make my bed
Royal Jelly 03:31
Give me Royal Jelly Give me Royal Jelly I want to be the Queen Bee Living in the hive Living to thrive I'll make baby bees all day So give me Royal Jelly I'll turn into a monster And have my minions Sting your baby's toes Honey sweet honey It's out secret alchemy A recipe that humans cannot steal How do you think it feels To fuck a flower? Well my girls do it On the hour By the hour On the hour By the hour Do a little dance Do a little dance for me Do a little dance Do a little dance honeybee And give me Royal Jelly Give me Royal Jelly I want to be I want to be I want to be The Queen!
Lover's War 04:58
The Master is looking for Candidates in his Lover's War So many people ready and willing To give their all to breeding and killing Lover's War What is the criteria? Where do I sign? Cross my heart on the dotted line (chorus) Lover's War Always keeping score What do we do this for? In our Lover's War Out of range too close to strike But my heart it bleeds through the sheets of our bed In the middle of the night Where is the virtue in being saved By somebody drowning in their own malaise? (chorus) I look over yonder And what do I see? A garden of thorns And the Sleeping Beauty Oh Prince Charming Please don't harm me I don't want to lose you But I may bruise you So use my body To plunge your sword Impale me hard and I might just Keep my word Yes I might just keep my word in our (chorus)
Tidal 04:24
The summer was fading Planets were aligning Staying on the east beach Waiting for the tidal wave to come (chorus) Pulling me under Pulling me under Drifting so far away I didn't know if it was night or day Urchin shell Sea swell My love won't wait for me Foolish notions Drowning in emotions And I'm shocking all my fears at once (chorus) Sometimes I return to That place where I was born The trauma and the terror Make me realise it all (chorus)
Got the Black Lace Blues Cause I've been thinking of you You've been gone so long So here I am singing this yearning song I remember a time Down by the river How we drank the wine Oh how you made me quiver (chorus) Oh Black Lace I'm a disgrace I'd better fix my face But I just can't seem to erase you yeah But now you're gone I'm all alone Do you still think of me When you watch the sunset And drink your coffee? (chorus) This night it feels Like forever yeah What will I learn about myself Now that we're over? So I'm gonna leave my black lace For someone new Gonna let you fade away Into the past Into the past Into the past Into the Blue


released July 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Sorcha Chisholm Tokyo, Japan

Sorcha Chisholm is an Australian folk rock soul singer songwriter based in Tokyo.

Her sound and style is atmospheric folk, with her songs mainly composed on the piano or guitar. Sorcha has also explored rock, blues, jazz and cabaret.

Her themes explore mysticism, the human condition, women’s stories and empowerment.
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